Ready Signal API Documentation – R 3.6+

This library is designed to be a wrapper for the Ready Signal API:

It is hosted on GitHub here: 

Please direct all questions and/or recommendations to

Your access token and signal ID can be found on your “Manage Signal” page within the Output information. Your signal ID is also visible within the URL of the “Manage Signal” page:https://…

access_token <- “YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
signal_id <- 123 # (your signal ID)
List Signal
Using your access_token , you can list all signals and metadata that are associated with your Ready Signal account.list_signals(access_token)
Example Output
id name description … links.manage
1 7 test signal first signal …
2 11 another signal useful signal …
3 13 one more signal important stuff …
Signal Details
Using your access_token and your signal_id you can view the details of a specific signal.get_signal_details(access_token, signal_id)
Signal Data
There are two different ways to receive your signal data: * R data.frame * CSV exportdata.framedf <- get_signal(access_token, signal_id)
Example Output
start end country actual-snow-fall … population-total
1 2019-11-01 2019-11-30 United States of America 160205.00 … 308745538.00
2 2019-12-01 2019-12-31 United States of America 219691.00 … 308745538.00
3 2020-01-01 2020-01-31 United States of America 220869.00 … 308745538.00
CSV Export
signal_to_csv(access_token, signal_id, “my_signal.csv”)
Use the built-in help() command to view function descriptions, etc. help(signal_to_csv)

Auto Discover

create a signal with the Auto Discover feature
auto_discovery (
   filename = NULL,
   df = NULL,
   callback_url = NULL
token User access token
geo_grain Geo grain of upload, “State” or “Country”

Date grain of upload, “Day” or “Month”


“0” or “1” | Optional | Numeric

filename Filename of .CSV or .XLS with “Date”, “Value”, “State” (if geo_grain=State) columns. Not to be used with df
df Dataframe with “Date”, “Value”, “State” (if geo_grain=State). Not to be used with filename
callback_url Callback URL for notifications
HTTP response
Sample Code
# create a new signal with the AutoDiscovery feature
# from a dataframe. When geo-grain=Country, columns
# MUST be c("Date", "Value"). When geo-grain=State,
# columns MUST be c("Date", "Value", "State")
df <- data.frame(
Date=c("2022-01-01", "2022-01-02", "2022-01-03"),
Value=c(351, 465, 712)
auto_discover(token, geo_grain="Country", date_grain="Day", df=df)

# use AutoDiscovery with a file upload, this time we'll
# use a State geo_grain. The file needs the same columns
# as described above
system("cat states.csv") # Date,State,Value
# 2020-03-01,TN,416000
# 2020-03-01,KY,373000
# ...
resp <- auto_discover(token, geo_grain="State", date_grain="Month", filename="states.csv")
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