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To accelerate your workflow and seamlessly integrate external data sources to enrich your predictive models. Ready Signal is your gateway to enhanced efficiency, expanded insights, and more accurate predictions.

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Seamlessly connect to over 500 normalized, aggregated, and continuously updated external data sources. From macro-economic indicators, demographics, consumer behavior and weather patterns, our comprehensive data catalog empowers your models with the depth and breadth of information necessary for predictive modeling, experimentation, and business intelligence. 

Along with your internal data, Ready Signal’s auto discovery recommendation engine provides you the ability to easily integrate third-party data with your private data and then quickly determine if that external data can improve model accuracy and provide additional contexts to what is happening in your business.

Who We Help

Data Scientists

Ready Signal transforms the data science workflow by aggregating, cleaning, and updating data from hundreds of external sources, saving weeks of manual effort. This enables data scientists to focus on building and refining predictive models rather than spending time on data wrangling, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and impact of their forecasting insights.

Data Science Teams

Ready Signal empowers data science teams by enabling them to rapidly analyze thousands of external data sources and identify leading indicators for their forecasting models. Our software provides critical insights into external factors that impact your business, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of your predictive analytics and enabling more informed strategic decisions.

Business Leaders

Ready single empowers business stakeholders by providing insights into previously unanswerable questions. Our software identifies external factors that impact your business, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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